Friday, February 19, 2016

Stop the Comparison

Modern day TV and social media makes children, especially teens and youth believe that they should mould themselves to be something they are not, or emulate and be like somebody else they see.

Here is a life lesson that I have learnt over the years. God has a plan and purpose for each and every one of us. If we follow His chartered course, we may face tribulations, but His tender mercy, love and grace will surround us always and in the long term all will be well with us. If we don’t, we encounter detours and get enlightened as to where God wanted us to be in the first place. Everyone’s experience in this aspect is truly different than the other.

As you can see, everyone’s  plan and purpose from God is unique. God never ran out of ideas so that He needed us to be copycats of one another. So stop comparing yourself with anyone else, especially for wrong reasons. Comparison and jealousy will do no good.

You are special and unique just the way you are. You are predestined to walk in God’s plan. So shake off unnecessary comparisons, thoughts etc. – basically everything that would hinder your success.

Are you willing to walk in God’s plan for your life today? Answer this question to God directly and ask for His daily guidance. Be blessed in Jesus Name!

 - Submitted by Sylvia Jayakaran

  • What do you think? Do you find it easy to see yourself as special and unique, or do you find yourself comparing yourself with others?
  • When you take the wrong path, do you find God gently correcting you and enlightening you as to where God wanted us to be in the first place? How has that worked for you?

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