Friday, February 12, 2016

The Art of Praying

Prayer is an important part in the life of a Christian. Prayer is about talking to God – having a private conversation with Him. When we pray daily and ask for God’s guidance for the tasks of our day, we will feel an inner passion to do things that pleases Him. That’s the greatest benefit of prayer because God becomes a partner in our daily tasks.

Today I am about to share a secret with you – there is no real right way to pray to Jesus, our God – it just has to be authentic. When I was small, I used to pray one-line prayers; something that goes like this “God, help me with <this thing> - Amen”. Later on, as I grew, I added more sentences to my prayer – they were sentences of adoration and praise for God. In my teen and youth, I prayed for myself, my friends and relatives, my community and the needs of the world. When my prayers got answered, I made it my business to kneel down, pray and thank God.

As you can see, I started small and God guided my prayers as I grew older. When you reach out and pray for the needs of yourself and others, you will see that it brings blessings into your own life. Hence it becomes important to pray daily. The question then becomes “Are you ready to pray to God today?” “What would your answer to this question be?”.

My prayer is that everyone who reads this would answer this question. Be blessed in Jesus Name!

 - Submitted by Sylvia Jayakaran

To think about:

  1. What struck you the most about what this article?
  2. How do you pray? 
  3. What would you like to try as a result of reading this article?

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